Tooth Whitening

As part of our philosophy to create a great smile for you to enjoy the finer things in life, we also offer services for tooth whitening. Tooth discolouration can be caused by consumption of coffee, tea, and smoking and this discolouration can be easily removed.

Zoom Whitening

Our dentist will first conduct a thorough dental examination to ensure both your teeth and gum tissues are healthy before commencing tooth whitening treatment. Tooth whitening is a safe procedure. It is normally painless and will have no adverse effect on any existing restorations or your natural tooth structure.

A small percentage of individuals may experience a minor, dull ache following the procedure and temporary sensitivity towards cold and hot drinks which normally will resolve within 1 to 3 days after the treatment. Thus it is recommended to avoid coloured foods such as coffee, tea, red wine, pasta sauce within the first 24 hrs after the procedure

Zoom whitening is done at our practice in a tranquil environment. After the thorough examination, the dentist will apply a whitening gel over the teeth to break down the molecular bonds that stains your teeth. During the procedure your gums will be fully protected by a covering and a LED accelerator will be used to shine on the whitening gel. This gives a better result by as much as 40% as compared to non- light activated systems.

When the procedure is done after about an hour you will leave our practice feeling exhilarated!!


Home bleaching

We also offer home tooth whitening. You will need to see our dentist who will examine your teeth. If your teeth are clean and in good condition, the dentist will take an impression for a tray to be made. The tray will be available at the clinic in about three days.

When you return to obtain the trays, a white gel with a list of instructions will be given to you to instruct you on its application. The dentist will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Children under the age of 18 and requiring this treatment, will need to have it done under the supervision of an adult after the consultation with dentist.

Home whitening is however not suitable for nursing or pregnant woman.

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